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Divorce Facts to Know Before Getting Married

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Cherry Hill Divorce Lawyers: Divorce Facts to Know Before Getting MarriedWhile many believe that divorce is more common than ever, that is not necessarily the case. In 2015, the divorce rate hit a 40-year low, with 16.9 divorces for every 1,000 women that year. The study, performed by Bowling Green State University, is one of many that helped to determine many facts regarding the nature of divorce as well as common myths. There are many noteworthy statistics and interesting facts regarding divorce, and understanding those can help an individual’s future.

The Role of Age in Divorce

A 2015 study from Emory University indicated that a larger age gap between heterosexual couples tended to increase the chances for divorce. If a married couple has a one-year age difference, the chance of divorce is three percent; if it is a five-year difference, they are 18 percent more likely to divorce; and if they have a 10-year difference, the chance of divorce is 39 percent more likely. Additionally, a separate study noted that the best time to get married is when the couple is in their late 20s – getting married any earlier or later tends to shower much higher rates of divorce.

Couples May be Most Likely to Divorce in March or August

Research conducted by the University of Washington in 2016 found that the months of March and August showed a rise in divorce filings. While the reasons are not exactly clear, researchers posit that it may be significant that March and August come immediately after holiday or vacation periods for most people. Researchers theorized that coming back to everyday life after a vacation could highlight flaws that had been previously put aside, or could cause stresses which expose certain issues.

Employment an Inconsistent Factor

A Harvard study, published in 2016, seemed to show that society has not completely moved on from the “male breadwinner” stereotype, and that it can have a big impact on marriage survival. The study indicated that heterosexual couples in which husbands did not have a full-time job have a higher divorce rate than those husbands that do have full-time jobs. It also showed, however, that the employment status for wives does not have a significant effect on chances of divorce.

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