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Shielding Children from Divorce Drama

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Moorestown child custody lawyers can help provide clients with support for shielding children from divorce drama.Going through the process of divorce can be stressful for all parties involved, especially for the children. Parents should never inform children of the faults or infidelities of the other parent involved in the divorce. Children only need to know the facts that directly affect them, such as parenting time and any other life changes the children will experience because of the divorce.

Emotional Factors

If parents engage in negative talk about the other parent with their children, this will only reduce the child’s opinion of that parent either at that time or later in life when the child becomes more aware of the nature of adult relationships. Children, even adult children, should never serve as the confidant of a parent during divorce. Parents should seek out therapists or a friend to talk to if they feel as if they must talk about the situation with someone.

Psychological Factors

Involving children in arguments surrounding the divorce will only serve to put further stress on the children and they may feel forced to choose a side of the argument. This may deteriorate respect for both parents and make children feel uncomfortable and scared about what the divorce will bring when it is final. This could also cause a lasting psychological impact on the children that parents may not fully realize until years after the divorce.

Unless the other parent is a danger to the children, each parent should be permitted a reasonable amount of parenting time. Any argument a parent makes to the child opposing this idea is not productive. Parents must agree to disagree on certain aspects of parenting as they will both be involved.

Parents must also be aware of the language and body language they use when talking about the other parent to their children. Even if the parent does not specifically say negative things about the other parent, body language and tone of voice may serve as clues that suggest the parents are fighting.

Children should not be brought into every disagreement and should not be brought to court during divorce proceedings as this will only serve to cause them pain and trauma. This is never beneficial, even if you think you may want to cause your spouse pain by having them see their children in court.

Moorestown Child Custody Lawyers at Hartman Group LLC Can Help Provide Clients with Support for Children of Divorce

Maintaining appropriate behavior toward the children during divorce can preserve the mental health of everyone involved. The Moorestown divorce lawyers at Hartman Group LLC are centrally located in Moorestown, New Jersey, and proudly serve clients from the surrounding areas of southern New Jersey. Call us at 856-235-4511, or contact us online for a confidential consultation.

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