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When a divorce or separation divides a family, the financial well-being of the children remains one of the greatest areas of concern. Child support, the monetary payments that one parent must make to the other parent to provide financially for the children, addresses some of these financial issues.  The costs of supplying appropriate clothing, food and shelter for a child are only some of the covered child support expenses.  Costs related to transportation, health care (including health insurance), education (including college expenses), day care expenses, counseling fees, entertainment, sports participation, dance lessons, drawing classes and music lessons (including voice or instrument lessons) may fall within the issue of child support.

Decisions related to child support in New Jersey are often some of the most contentious legal issues facing any family in the middle of a divorce or separation.  Experienced New Jersey child support lawyer, Frances A. Hartman of the Hartman Group works with families on obtaining the most appropriate child support arrangements while keeping the best interest of each child first and foremost.

New Jersey Child Support Guidelines

The New Jersey child support guidelines set forth three basic principles: (1) both parents have a continuous duty to pay child support; (2) each child is entitled to share in their current income of both parents; and (3) a child should not suffer financially as a result of their parents’ divorce or out of wedlock birth.

New Jersey courts begin with a basic formula to determine child support obligations. Courts consider multiple factors in calculating child support obligations such as:

  • The employment income of each parent (including salary and benefits)
  • The investment portfolio of each parent (including bank accounts, stocks, bonds, IRAs, money markets)
  • The earning potential of each parent
  • The age of the children
  • The number of children in the home
  • Recurring medical costs
  • Special needs
  • Government payments being made to or on behalf of the children
  • The current parenting arrangement (shared parenting  or whether there is one custodial parent)

Although the court will being with a basic child support formula to determine the amount of child support, exceptions always exist.  Consulting with an experienced child support attorney who understands the nuances of New Jersey child support law can help you obtain the most appropriate award for your unique circumstances.

Modification of Child Support in New Jersey

When the financial circumstances of either parent changes, the court may modify the amount and frequency of child support payments. Change in employment status (such as promotions, demotions, changes in salary), remarriage and relocation are common reasons for the modification of a child support award.  Sudden monetary windfalls such as lottery wins or inheritances also change the financial circumstances of a parent and may affect child support obligations.

Enforcement of Child Support Orders

When a parent fails to make required child support payments they could face a variety of consequences including the garnishment of their wages, Workers’ Compensation benefits, unemployment benefits, bank accounts, lottery winnings and other investment income.  More severe consequences include the non-renewal of professional licenses, denial of passport applications and even jail time. Petitions for back child support or past due payments can also be filed with the court.

Moorestown Child Support Lawyers at the Hartman Group Represent Individuals in Child Support Disputes

New Jersey child support lawyer, Frances A. Hartman, is an experienced family law litigator who will professionally and confidentially handle your New Jersey child support case. With offices conveniently located in Moorestown, New Jersey, the Hartman Group serves family law clients throughout New Jersey including those in Cherry Hill, Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County, Cumberland County, Cape May County, Salem County and Atlantic County.   To schedule a confidential consultation today, contact New Jersey child support lawyers at 856-235-4511 or submit an online contact form.

Frances A. Hartman

With offices conveniently located in Moorestown, New Jersey, Attorney Hartman serves clients throughout New Jersey including those in Cherry Hill, Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County, Cumberland County, Cape May County, Salem County and Atlantic County.

To discuss your New Jersey family law or divorce matter, call New Jersey family law attorney Frances A. Hartman today at 856-235-4511 or contact her online for your confidential consultation.

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